Temple Basketball Officials Association

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Coaches Corner

 Scrimmage Info:

Use the link below to submit your scrimmage information to TBOA for the upcoming season:

How to Enter Games into Arbiter Sports:

Please click here to see a PDF created by our friends at North Texas on how to enter games into Arbiter Sports.

 Tournament Info:

For best results in sending your tournament information to TBOA, please follow all of the steps below in this order:

1. Download the form below onto your computer. (TBOA Tournament Spreadsheet) Once you download and complete this form please save it to your computer so you can email it, along with the actual bracket, to Chad Horton at: chadtboa@gmail.com. You will use this Spreadsheet for every tournament you host. This is how your games will be imported directly into the Arbiter One system.

Coaches Scratch Info: