Temple Basketball Officials Association

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Registration for the 2021-2022 season is NOW OPEN!

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Today - July 15th                         $70.00

July 16 - August 15th                   $90.00

August 16th - September 15th     $110.00

September 16th - October 31st    $130.00

***After October 31st only new members will be allowed to pay and join.***

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TBOA Ethics Committee:

Wil Hamilton  -  Committee Chair

Roger Smith   -  Member

Tiffany Graves - Member

Cory Copeland - Member

The TBOA Ethics Committee is designed to assist members with formal complaints. They shall oversee compliance by all members within the TBOA to the Constitution and By-Laws that guide our great organization. If you have a complaint that you feel may need to be heard by the TBOA Ethics Committee, contact your Division Representative

TBOA Milege Ring by School

Teams within 1-30-miles radius ($15 mileage per official)

•Academy HS

•Academy MS

•Bartlett HS

•Bartlett MS

•Belton HS

•Bonham MS (Temple)

Bruceville-Eddy HS

Bruceville-Eddy MS


•CE Ellison HS (Killeen)

•Central Texas Christian School (Temple)

•Eastern Hills MS (Harker Heights)

•Harker Heights HS (Harker Heights)

•Holland HS

•Holland MS

•Holy Trinity HS (Temple)

•Jarrell HS

•Jarrell MS

•Killeen HS

•Lake Belton MS

•Lamar MS (Temple)

•Liberty Hill MS (Killeen)

•Live Oak Ridge MS (Killeen)

•Manor MS (Killeen)

•Moody HS

•Moody MS

•Nolan MS (Killeen)

•North Belton MS

•Palo Alto MS (Killeen)

•Charles Patterson MS (Killeen)

•Rancier MS (Killeen)

•Rogers HS

•Rogers MS

•Rosebud-Lott HS, MS

•Salado HS

•Salado MS

•Smith MS (Killeen)

•South Belton Middle School

•Temple HS

•Travis MS (Temple)

•Troy HS

•Troy MS

•Union Grove MS (Harker Heights)

Teams 31-60 miles radius ($30 mileage per official)

•Audie Murphy MS (Fort Hood)

•Cameron HS

•Cameron MS

•Copperas Cove HS

•Copperas Cove Jr Hi

•Cove Lee Jr Hi

•Florence HS

•Florence MS

•Georgetown HS

Jonesboro HS/MS

  • Lampasas HS/MS

•Rockdale HS

•Rockdale MS

•Shoemaker (Killeen) HS

•Thorndale HS

•Thorndale MS

•Thrall HS

•Thrall MS

Teams 61-90 miles radius ($45 mileage per official)

•Evant HS

•Goldthwaite HS

•Hico HS

Teams 91-120 miles radius ($70 mileage per official)


How game slots are assigned:

6A Varsity Boys

R - 100-100       U1 - 100-300       U2 - 100-300

6A Varsity Girls

R - 100-200       U1 - 100-350       U2 - 100-350

5A Varsity Boys

R - 100-200       U1 - 100-350       U2 - 100-350

5A Varsity Girls

R - 100-200       U1 - 100-350       U2 - 100-350

4A Varsity Boys

R - 100-300       U1 - 100-400       U2 - 100-400

4A Varsity Girls

R - 100-300       U1 - 100-400       U2 - 100-400

3A-1A  Varsity Boys/Girls

R - 100-400       U1 - 100-500       U2 - 100-500

JV Boys

R - 100-400       U1 - 100-600       U2 - 100-600

JV Girls 

R - 100-400       U1 - 100-700       U2 - 100-700

Junior High

R - 100-400       U1 - 100-800


Click the link above to purchase the official THSBOA licensed referee jerseys. OGO also carry pants, shoes whistles and any other piece of equipment you may need for the upcoming season. Officials Gear Outlet is a Texan owned and operated outfit. Connie, a former NCAA official, will take good care of all of your officiating needs.


Click the above link to purchase the official THSBOA licensed referee jersey, as well as other needs for the upcoming season. Theo Minnett, long time Temple Chapter official, will personally handle your order.


THSBOA Approved Vendors:

Officials Gear Outlet – www.officialsgearoutlet.com